Released Mobile Games

My work tasks consists of helping the developers of the games make content for the games more efficient and better, this I achieved by creating tools with the help of Python and Lua, helping people with day to day issues that can arise when working with programs such as Maya, git, Perforce, Defold and so on. It is also helped by having and enabling great communication between the different parts of the game team. I also make sure the game run as fast as it can and take as little space on disk as possible.

I help prototype new features and talk with external teams (such as game engine) and point of contacts about our teams need to make sure we really can deliver the best we can do.

I have used Python to extend functionality in Maya (and more recently Blender) to help the artists fulfill their visions.

I spend a lot of time optimizing the game but my heart belongs to tool creation!

If you are interested here is my CV.