Personal Projects


Here are some of my more interesting works that doesn’t belong in other categories. Most of my work I host on my github so if you are interested you can always look at what I am up to there!


Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is made in a engine called Defold and this was made long before Defold had an accessible source. Back then I was faced with a problem of wanting to change or know something about all our scenes. The only way to do that was to search with a text editor or do some fancy regexp, but a problem arose when I wanted to add or change something depending on a different variable. Because our pipeline already where heavily dependent on Python I decided to create a module to parse and serialize Defold files (which are google protobufs files with some quirks) with it.

The module loads a Defold document and creates a tree out of if in memory which you can then later iterate to find and change anything to your liking. This little module probably save me alone hundreds of hours.


I would often test different scenarios of the game, because I would do an incredible amount of local builds each days to test it on my phone I decided to do a script that let me build for iOS or Android (by wrapping bob, Defolds builder), send it to the phone (using adb and ideviceinstaller) and then store data/cache locally. I also had a problem where I would continuously jump between engine versions. It was a bit of manual work doing which I could easily script so I added it to the tool so it would download the engine version and store it locally.

Editor Scripts

They can all be found on my github One of Defold weaker sides have always been the editor. I have long pushed the developers for adding a way to extend it, when they finally did I immediately started on a few scripts to make some tasks easier to accomplish. They do things such as basic scene setup, atlas manipulation, distributing and aligning gui nodes.


Source A python script/tool written for the Swedish Magic the Gather community. It can be setup to convert between other formats into the format that expects. Extremely handy when you have huge list of csv cheats that you want to import into

The Northern Dark Website

I created this super minimalistic website with Jekyll for a colleuge to promote his new comic series.