Exporting tools

Exportation tools

 To be able to get things into the Object Library in a easy way with as few steps as possible we also needed an Object Publisher. We would of course also need to get objects from maya into our game and an xml file with custom attributes, paths and more needed to be created for each object.

Software used

Written for: Maya

Language: Python



Exporting a single object, moving all the texture, editing all file nodes paths and more would take a lot of time. This would need to be done twice for each object.


Main features of the Publisher should be

  • Exporting a .ma file
  • Take a screenshot

Main features of the Collada exporter should be

  • Export a .dae
  • Export a .xml


Iterating the tool

First iteration

The first version of the publisher had the following features


  • Export .fbx file
  • Export .ma file
  • Take a screenshot
  • Replace textures
  • Quick way to pick folder



First version of the collada exporter had the following features

  •  Export a .daeExportTool_v1
  • Export a .xml
  • Set attributes values at export time


Second iteration



For the second game we would need animation, to keep it simple and easy to debug I made a similar tool to Collada export for the animation, it had the same UI but some added attributes. After some though I decided that there wasn’t any idea to have 3 different exports windows. I there for combined all current export tools into one.

As with the Object Library I also rewrote the whole thing to make the code better.


Third iteration



For the third project I fixed the UI and added an option to export a convex hull either by creating your own or using havoks built in generate hull method.

I also broke the animation part away from the object exporter. I did this because it made it a whole lot easier to maintain and iterate without breaking the regular exporter.