Asset Manager

The Asset Manager is a tool written in C# that I made during my studies at The Game Assembly. It’s use is to get a better overview of all assets going into the game. When a Graphical Artist is done with an asset, this asset will show in the Asset Manager as a NEW asset. A Technical Artist is then able to open the file in maya through the manager, look at the model and textures to see if it’s up to the standard. If it is, then he may Approve it, else he will reject it. An email is sent to the corresponding user with information about the object and it’s status.

When the artist recommits/changes the object the status updates from Rejected/Approved to Updated, and the version number is incremented.


• Quickly Update/Reject Assets
• Email notifications.
• Open asset in Maya.
• Highlight search function.
• File, Folder and extension filters.


Software used

Visual Studio

Language: C#