Community Project: Pokemon5e

Mid January 2019 I saw a post on reddit titled “Pokemon in 5th Edition - Generation III Update!” on the /r/dndnext subreddit, I didn’t know it then but this post would make me spend hundreds of hours on projects surrounding this Homebrew system.


The main project surrounding Pokemon5e is Pokedex5E a Open Source app to keep track of your Pokemon as you are playing. It have a bunch of features and even though I am not playing the system any more I continue to work on it. As of writing it have about 500 Active Daily User on Android and iOS combined!

It is made with Defold a game engine with a now developer-friendly license. It’s a light weight engine that does try to do everything, but the things it does do it does very well.

Even though I coded the project myself I have not done it alone, the UI and UX is done by Roberta Tam.

This project have taught me a lot including setting up Jenkins (I bought a mac mini to use as a build machine), using 3d party tracking and crash reporting (I am using GameAnalytics), the complete release pipeline for both iOS and Android.

If you want to have a look at the project you can play it over on itch!


Eventually users of the app started asking about adding their own Pokemon. I did this by using a zip file that is downloaded, unzipped and then have it’s content merged with the apps. Because of the limitations of Defold I ended up creating a “package index”, the app checks against a github repository and builds the interface depending on the index.json file.

Because of the incredible amount of data that would be needed I decided to create an app to help the users fill it all out. The app is called Fakemon Creator.

It’s written in Python using PyQt5 as the GUI framework, I also used QtModern to quickly apply a style to it. I also package it up before distribution with PyInstaller. The code is definitely not well written but for this project I prioritized speed over code quality.


One evening I read something about Jekyll and how it uses Markdown, Liquid and HTML to create static websites. I wanted to try it out on something and decided to build a website for Pokemon5e! After a few hours I had a functional website up and running check it out at!

FoundryVTT Package

A user on the Discord channel for Pokemon5e wanted to create a package for FoundryVTT a virtual table top game, at this point the system is covering a lot of moves and Pokemon. It would be an incredible undertaking to create all the content manually. I offered to help to convert it using the Apps data as a base.

It’s written in python and is a nifty little conversion script. Here is the repository.